Live from the Lupus Congress 2017 – DAY 1

2 thoughts on “Live from the Lupus Congress 2017 – DAY 1”

  1. Thank you so much for being our eyes and ears at the lupus conference.
    I am participating interested in them finding a drug to stop the ana attaching to the nmda receptors. As the last couple of years my cognitive function and memory has deteriorated so much. When my disease is particularly active I am extremely vague and have trouble retaining and expressing simple information. I hope they are serious about this and close to finding something. I am only 35 years old and sometimes I feel like I’m getting alziemers.
    Also I wasn’t clear on part about correlation between skin rash and renal/ nephritis . What exactly did you mean by that?
    Thanks Corry!
    I have no idea what that sculpture was but it looked very steampunk . I liked it!


    1. Michelle! Thank you very much for your comment and support. At least I know that the summary and time I took to post this benefit someone in some ways. :))

      In regards to your question about the correlation between skin rash and nephritis… what i obtained from the lecture is that, it seems from their research, those lupus patients who have significant skin inflammation due to lupus, although at the beginning, may not have any nephritis/kidney involvement, over the years, these patients seem to develop more chronic and severe kidney involvement… when compared to lupus patients who only mildly have some skin inflammation.

      ? something about similar receptors on skin and lining of kidney that get attacked…

      They did also showed some diagrams and pathways… but I had my blank moments no matter how hard I tried to focus during the lectures… so, I’m afraid i cannot explain more detail > . <

      Michelle, I hear you!!! One of the scariest things about Lupus for me is losing my freaking brain!!!!!!!!!! I worked as a therapist in dementia specific units in nursing homes for a few years, so I know how things go when the brain becomes sick… (((hugs)))

      It probably does not make any sense but when I have the brain fogs… I do gently massage my forehead HAHA… just trying to encourage my brain to hang in there and "stay with me through the confusion mannnnn" – literally what i say to my brain!!!!



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