travel bugs… and the likes

2 thoughts on “travel bugs… and the likes”

  1. I’m so glad you had a good time and got to eat yummy food. Traveling the world is a luxury of life that stays with us forever so every experience we get is a blessing!
    Thanks for sharing your experience and your advice before hand. Your travel advice is now scientifically​ tested! Hahah


    1. Mishhh!!!
      Yes indeed. I found myself very fortunate even with getting the food poisoning. I guess I was really testing the waters as well… to find out how much weaker i became since lupus and since taking all those immunosuppressant….
      Have to be more selective and vigilant next time i travel to similar countries.
      Sigh… sucks cause i love food so much!!!!

      Thank you for your comment and support too dear!!!


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