2 thoughts on “Fall”

  1. I hope you are not coming down with something Corry. Just be gentle on yourself fatigue is a good sign that something is going on. Often first start of a cold or infection I find.
    Corry I won’t pretend to know what you feel about having a partner. I can only say that I truly think that there is people out there that don’t expect to be looked after. Relationships come in all varieties and there are many caring people out there. If you found someone who truly loves you they would care for you may find yourself in a position where you can have some assistance especially with the NDIS slowly being rolled out.
    My advice is do not lump love and domestic duties in the same category that is way to much pressure on yourself and any further budding relationship. Xx


    1. hello Mish!!! Thank you so so much for your comment…. Sorry I haven’t had the chance to reply sooner… your comment did put a smile on my face every time I read it. And made me feel so grateful to have so many people who would watch out and look after me in many ways, as you do, with this comment… I find that “be gentle on yourself” is a very very tall order for me… I say that often to others and also to myself, but when push comes to shove… sometimes, i fail… i fail to be gentle on myself and just fall back into that vicious cycle of pushing my body and my “wants”…. the control to make everything “perfect” and the way they use to.

      i suppose… life is a learning curve and mine has a confounding factor which is Lupus… never going to really get used to this disease, am i? 😀 xxo


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