the annual review

2 thoughts on “the annual review”

  1. Hey there,
    Its good to hear you angry ! Embrace it, Its intolerable to hear perky people that probably run 5 km every morning , “all is normal , you are doing well.” You hit that pillow and scream too, they are ignorant, insensitive people.
    This is a area of social work I am considering entering when I’m qualified. is training professional people on empathy and appropriate language.
    The last thing is think about acupuncture for your headaches. I know you dont like to much medication, good policy. See I did complain that I had constant pain, wasn’t able to get out of bed, migraines etc and now I’m on a cocktail of drugs that would horrify you. Trouble is , they don’t help the endless fatigue so what’s the point, I turn into a beached whale. If I stop taking them i literally want to saw my limbs off, so I keep taking them to survive.

    Keep writing hun, especially when you are angry and frustrated. Because this is how we will achieve change one day.

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    1. Haha Mish!! Thank you for always taking the time to comment! I’m not that anti medications, i know they are keeping me alive and standing… But, my believe is that we gotta always let our body heal… We can assist it but we shouldn’t force or exploit it. And i feel strongly that the medical industry with all its intricacies don’t have this belief at all. They gave me Somac because of i was on high dose steroid because it was “hospital protocol”, I know myslef since Uni that the studies show, the somac doesnt actually help with the refluxes, on the contrary makes our gut weaker because it makes our stomach acid less acidic hence making it harder for everything else to get digested. More people get reflux because they are on this meds than they actually fixes the reflux problem. Anyway, its just a small thing…. Acupuncture has been on my mind for awhile. I knew it helps, but its just like another medical appt to fit into my calendar…. Booooo!!! I can put up with the migraines so far, but I just wish the attitude was a little bit warmer…. Though I mean, I rather feel cold and clinical than being pitied… I suppose? Hahahahaa oh well, just whinging. Hmmm even beached whales have volunteers and animal rescue teams who come over and help get them back swimming in the deep blue sea. You’re doing fine. Plus, Whales are magnificient, magical creatures. I love them!!! Xxo


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