Lupus Care Pack

8 thoughts on “Lupus Care Pack”

  1. Hi Cory,

    I was at the lupus conference yesterday and was touched by the care pack – in fact my joints were aching so much by the end of the day I had an Epsom salt bath before I went to bed which did much to relieve the soreness. I also slept with the heat pack (without heating it up) next to my pillow because the lavender smell is heavenly. I had the best sleep I’ve had in a long time. Thank you so much for the goodies. So much thought and effort was put into pulling this altogether. All the best.

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    1. Hi Al,

      Thank you very much for your kind words of encouragements. I am glad that the items are useful for you 🙂 I love the lavender heat pack too!! My sister bought me a fuzzy sheepie one from the same company for Christmas last year :). I really was struggling that day, the program was quite long, I think, and not very Lupie friendly because I started getting migraines and had to resort to neurofen. :S Oh well! We got through it!!!

      Keep in touch and spread the word, I still have about 70 bags to giveaway!!



  2. I am overwhelmed with the Care Pack and immediately bathed in epsom salts and snuggled up with the lavender heatbag n tea. Who knew that this gesture could mean so much to me? The fact that kind people created this thoughtful Care Pack reduces me to happy grateful tears. I’m looking forward to showering in mint tomorrow & having another soothing cuppa. Many thanks ❤

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    1. Hi Colleen. I am so glad that the pack was received rather quickly… because Australia Post is notorious for taking their time with delivery of letters!!! I am glad it is not the case with Parcel posting.

      I am so grateful and so happy to hear that the items in the pack made a difference in your life, even just momentarily.



    1. Hello Iris! Thank you very much for your comment and feedback. It gives me a lot of smile and happiness to know what it means to you. And I am so glad the parcel arrived so quickly even with all the cyclone business in QLD!! xx


  3. Hi Corry. Thank you so much for the care pack, it includes everything to make me feel better! It’s just what I need to help me push through the bad days. You’re generosity is inspiring, and I wish you all the best in this project. Take care and stay well xoxo.

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  4. Hi Corry, Thank you so much for my care pack. I have fibromyalgia and SlE, this care pack certainly came at a good time, loving the lavender wheat bag definately one of my favourite’s, enjoying the peppermint tea and the shower gel is great on an aching body, still yet to try the epsom salts. such a kind and thoughtful gesture from you, but also lovely packaged with the purple butterfly, maybe only a small thing but all this was greatly appreciated. Your certainly one amazing person to do this with all your help and your sponsor’s help it will make a difference for a lot of people like myself. Thank you so much!!!!

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