the annual review

Apparently it was my annual review. I wasn’t aware of this until I arrived to the clinic, had myself weighed and blood pressure checked. “… you won’t have to wait long, you’ll be seen straight away” the nurse told me. Oh yeah, that’s great news, I said to myself. Just before I walked back to … Continue reading the annual review


I feel like I have betrayed my own body.  I sat there in the kitchen with a slump; my whole body felt like it did not belong to me. It ached. I felt feverish,lethargic. My chest felt funny… It wasn’t the usual chest pain that I normally feel… It felt like my heart was too … Continue reading Fall

To say or not to say … 

Something that has been on my mind lately is whether sharing myself openly to the world about having Lupus is the “right” decision.  I’ve always been a private person. An introvert at heart. It’s much easier to write here on the blog than to really speak up in the open. I don’t like drawing attention … Continue reading To say or not to say … 

A Lupie on Vacation

I’ve always been traveller. It must be my dad’s influence. Ever since we were young, he always took us on various road trips. Although he’s not travelled much elsewhere apart from Asian countries, America and Australia… and he also has his reservations whenever I declared that I am going to a different, slightly off-road, hippie … Continue reading A Lupie on Vacation